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    Patrick B.

HOST: Patrick Bernadin

As a child, Patrick Bernadin was educated to think that money was generated in one fashion: Residual income. He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business so he can arise his career but shortly ...

GUEST: Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a lifelong entrepreneur, former professional athlete and coach. His accomplishments as a successful business leader, mentor, motivational speaker, author and CEO of IDLife. Logan has attracted Billionaires and A-list professional athletes.


Here Is What You Will Learn During This Webinar...

  • Next BILLION Dollar Giant!

    Customized Nutrition
    (never been done). Our bodies were all designed different so our nutrition should be too. This has attracted 3 well-known Billionaires and more than 200 Professional Athletes. We own all patents and privately held. Our Partnership with the American Heart Association, Wholefoods and numerous credible known giants in the health & wellness space.

  • Quality Product Line


    Our product line is produced and manufactured in FDA approved facilities US based. The ingredients for all the following products has been derived from all natural sources; sleep-aid with no side effects, transformation challenge line,  appetite suppressant, noble prize research skin care line, energy and hydrate etc. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Hormone Free, Casein Free!

  • Commissions Payout & Incentives

    Earn up to 30% commissions
    marketing unique health & wellness products derived from all natural sources from the comfort of your home. Retail, refer, sell online or build sales teams. Enjoy incentive trips, car programs and bonus incentives of up to $40,000 one-time checks with the option of building a residual income while climbing the ladder of success with world-class support.

Do You Have Time Now?

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Your own business. Your own way.

IDLife provides an easy to run business platform that allows you to focus on connecting with people and sharing your own story of success - with our products and programs. You don’t need to be a professional sales person or nutritional expert. You won’t have to stock any inventory or ship any products - we handle all of this for you. With your personalized IDLife website and automated business tools, we’ve made it easy to get started and even easier to succeed.