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Science Behind IDLife Pre & Post Workout

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Dr. Lou Lorio - Medical Advisory Board

IDLife Pre & Post Workout

Testimonials from real customers...

This is my husband, Jason Landis, he has played football since 5th grade. He's had several injuries and his Senior year in college he blew out his back and had to have surgery. After taking ID Nutrition he began to feel better. His joints didn't hurt and he didn't have the constant muscle pain. Within four months we began talking about football. Keep in mind he hasn't played in 18 years! He is 39 and plays Semi Pro Football and feels amazing. Thank you IDLife for giving him the chance to play football again. Oh did I mention he trains every night with IDLife's Pre & Post? He NEVER leaves home without it 😄 As for his back well he squats over 500 pounds and deadlifts over 400 pounds.

Walked/Jogged....11.5 miles!!
- Lori McCann

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Post-workout testimonial: Yesterday, I did a crazy thing. I decided to walk/jog home from the transmission shop. I don't like to inconvenience people, and there's no public transportation except a $40 cab ride. So, I walked/jogged....11.5 miles!! I didn't think I'd make it. My legs and feet were no longer a part of my body. I got home, fell onto the sofa, then dragged myself off to get to my Post workout powder. Downed it in about 2 gulps.

At 6pm, surprisingly, I was still able to function! And the greatest surprise? I could actually get out of bed this morning!! That is a miracle! Normally, even after a 5 mile walk/run, my legs hurt so bad, I literally cannot get out of bed! But this morning, I hopped up and gave a loud "Woo-hoo!" ONce again, I am completely sold on another IDLife product. SO great to know that every product does exactly what it says it will do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t there protein in the Post Workout?

IDLife has already developed an extremely high quality protein shake. We designed a Post Workout product that replenishes essential electrolytes and nutrients so the body can recover and repair itself. This allows people to choose their protein source after completing their workout.

Can I use Pre/Post Workout with other IDLife products?

All IDLife products are designed to be consumed together and taken together.

Why did IDLife develop these products?

IDLife identifies products that people already use that can be improved in quality and safety. Pre and Post Workout were created to provide people with an excellent option that does not contain the unnecessary ingredients found in other products.

What makes these better than other performance products on the market?

These products provide everything you need and avoid ingredients that you don’t need, all in the quantities that have scientifically been proven to help attain the desired outcome. Achieving these results is done so in a natural and organic way with IDLife products.

What natural flavors are in the Pre/Post Workout blends?

In the Strawberry Kiwi there is strawberry and kiwi. In the Berry there is berry blend.

Why do we use Creatine in the pre/post workout?

It is one of the most researched supplements and has been scientifically proven to build muscle.