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Testimonials from real customers...

Megan McDonald - Type 2 Diabetes

In March I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn't have any signs or symptoms but I turned 26 and could no longer be on my dad's health insurance. When I got on my works health insurance in February they gave me an option to get free biometric testing done, so I figured why not. I'm so glad I did because my blood sugar came back way too high. Had I not taken the test I may not have found out I was having sugar problems until damage was done. I updated my nutrition and while I still have my ups and downs it is really helping to bring my sugar down.

I am super excited to say that I have not been over 120 this week and have been as low as 84! When normally I was testing in the high 200 to 300. I am taking a low does pharmaceutical but I hope to get off that. I took the pharmaceutical for about 2 months before I updated my ID nutrition and I didn't see much change. I didn't start to see the change until I updated my IDnutrition. I still have a ways to go but with continued changes to my diet and exercise I hope to get consistently stable with my sugar levels so that I will not need pharmaceutical prescriptions. Thank you IDLife

Maria Angeles Tolle - Lost 90lbs!

At age 50, my childhood best friend took her own life and I lost my husband to cancer. I was depressed and knew I needed to make a lifestyle change so that I could be mentally and physically healthy for myself and my family. At 275lbs and having other health ailments, I knew this journey was not going to be easy but with my faith in God and IDLife products, I felt like I could do it. On my son’s birthday, he and I both made the decision to join IDLife and become Associates.

Within 3 days of starting IDNutrition & my new healthy lifestyle, my constipation began to ease up. A few weeks later, I noticed my allergies, vertigo, lower back pain and migraines were also slowly disappearing. I also noticed an immediate boost in my energy levels. It was with this new found energy that I was able to go to the gym to work out and sweat my depression away. As of today I have lost a total of 55lbs and my son has lost a total of 90lbs!! We could not be happier to be part of the IDLife family & share our story with others.

Results may vary. IDLife does not claim to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Katie Ibberson & Kara Johnsen - Breast Feeding!

Hear Katie Ibberson & Kara Johnsen's testimonial on using IDNutrition during their pregnancies and now during breastfeeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t IDNutrition just like the vitamins I already take?

No, they are very different. These products are scientifically formulated to provide you the appropriate nutrients at the appropriate time for someone in your unique situation, but more importantly block nutrients you should not be taking because of your conditions or current medications. Put more simply, it’s everything you need and nothing that you don’t. It is truly a revolutionary platform that cannot be purchased on any shelf.

Isn’t this program expensive?

If you attempted to purchase these ingredients separately at any retail outlet, you would pay an average of 30% more without the convenience of the daily packs, quality assurance or scheduled delivery option.

Why are my vitamins this orange/yellow color with speckles?

Natural ingredients have their own unique colors, and the dark speckles you see are from these natural ingredients. IDNutrition™ formulations are optimized using curcumin, quercetin, green tea extract and broccoli extract as fillers.

I’m a vegan, what are the two-piece capsules themselves made from?

Tablets do not contain any gelatin; therefore vegans can take IDNutrition™ tablets without any problem. However, gelatin in the two-piece capsules and in soft gels is derived from animal sources (generally from bovine).

Why are your products better, and why is your manufacturing of products better?

  • Other manufacturers of dietary supplements use ingredients with varying degrees of quality. Nutrients should be tested for toxic substances and any kind of contamination.
  • IDNutrition™ uses high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are manufactured under c-GMP guidelines (current good manufacturing practices guidelines are issued by United States FDA).
  • All of IDNutrition™ products are tested by FDA approved independent laboratories for quality and potency.

    How do consumers get these products at a discounted price over going to a store?

    IDLife provides a custom nutrition program that is competitively priced. To receive a discount on the program, a customer need only place the order on Scheduled Delivery to receive 10% off. Our Independent Associates receive a 30% discount off retail pricing.

    What is Chronobiology?

    Derived from the Greek (“chronos” for time, “bios” for life, and “logos” for study), the word used to describe biological rhythms.

    Why does IDNutrition™ give both AM and PM packets?

    The evolving science of Chronobiology demonstrates that all body systems have a biorhythm or circadian rhythm that serve as physiological indicators that have a “timing” effect on a specific systems’ (i.e. nervous, hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, etc.) metabolism. Nutrients and drugs respond more positively and give a more desired effect when given at a time of day that best matches this metabolism.

    This is called Chronobiology and is generating clinical studies that demonstrate the certain cancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs and gastrointestinal drugs have a significantly different result if given in the morning as opposed to an evening dose. For example, since the liver is regenerating itself on a daily circadian basis in the very early morning, antioxidants (i.e. Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine) to help strengthen and support the liver are given in the IDNutrition™ PM packet.

    Since the pain of osteoarthritis is generally late in the afternoon, our Joint and Inflammatory Support formulas show better results if given in the IDNutrition™ AM packet. By recognizing and applying the science of Chronobiology, IDNutrition™ is delivering the optimal dose at the optimal time of day

    What is the logic behind the questions and nutrition recommendations from the assessment?

    There are over 5,470 algorithms yielding 1.5 million potential results that are tied to scientific/ medical studies. The program takes your answers and relates it to the science in the studies to deliver the recommendations for each person. The studies provide the basis and support for the recommendations given by the IDNutrition assessment results.